What is a motif?

A motif, for my purposes, is a recurring mythological theme for your character. This will be something that shows up in stories and in birthrights. That’s right, birthrights. Also, later on in godly titles and appellations.

What does a motif do for me?

When your motif appears in a way that could be construed as a birthright, you will receive a private indication that something about the situation feels right to you. You may then try to secure the birthright through your actions and roleplay. If you have gained the thing, it feels like it belongs to you, even if it doesn’t feel “right”.

How many do I get?

For the time being, you get your legend motifs. I will revisit this when you hit demigod.

What makes a good motif?

Excellent question! I’m glad you asked. Motifs in this game will be things that one could potentially be god/dess of or simply are common mythological themes. The key to this is picking things tangible enough to be semi-common birthrights. Examples will be given below on how to maximize your potential for gains, because every gamer likes some crunch with their flavor.

  1. Vague or Broad Wisdom vs. Knowledge: While Wisdom is more what most would call one the god/dess of, it translates somewhat poorly to birthrights. One could spin it so that you find things that belonged to other gods of wisdom (Thoth’s Toothpick, Athena’s Anti-Aging Creme), it’s a bit less awesome in execution. Knowledge, however, is a bit more broad. One could find relic books of all sorts, or those who have great knowledge to impart.
  2. Purview or Theme Psychopomp vs. Travel: You totally love this purview. You don’t even mind if half your birthrights just lend to it. Still, it’s too narrow. The concept of a psychopomp has as much to do with the ghosts of the dead (which one doesn’t get any boons relating to until later levels) as it does with movement / travel / spatial awareness. Travel, however, lends itself nicely to different birthrights and likely highlights what you loved about the purview anyway.
  3. Narrow or Broad Ghosts vs. The Dead: Ghosts are actually a pretty cool motif, but they won’t come up all the time. The Dead, however, includes ghosts, undead, the bones of people, realms associated, etc.
  4. Thing or Myth Staple Food vs. Drink: There are surprisingly few epic foods among the gods. Ambrosia and apples pretty much encompass the lot of it. Drink, however, seems plentiful in myth, with many holy elixirs, drinks like nectar, wines, and cups.
  5. Bad Group or Good Group Travelers vs. Insects: You have a specific idea of what you want to focus on, and you want to make sure it’s ok even though it’s narrow. This is also fine to have your narrow sphere, but make sure it can give you birthrights. Travelers are not likely to produce much. Insects, however, gives you (and me by extension) a slightly larger group to play around with.


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