Stunt Examples

Sometimes, it’s difficult to think what might be able to get one stunt dice. Since they max at 3, here’s an example of things worth each die level of them all.


1. Tashelle swept into the room, brushing her hair out of her face and smiling to the room as she attracted their attention.

2. The crowd hushed as Tashelle swept into the room. Her hips swayed, and she smiled brightly as their cameras flashed, as a few of them sighed delighted at the sight of her.

3. The crowd hushed as Tashelle stepped into the room. Her timing was perfect; the lights swung down low right at that moment so hat they created a wave of glimmering sparkles on the sequins of her dress that drew attention to her wide hips and thin waist. Her scent hit the papparazi first with high notes of cinnamon and then eased in with low notes of cinnamon, bringing her in that moment more on their level so that all of them felt their hearts twist a bit, delighted, at the sight of her. The room seemed made for her, causing every eye to lock on her, and as the cameras flashed, every picture was more perfect than the previous.


1. Kei sat in the library and flipped through the pages, searching for information on giant flesh trees, wondering what he was doing with his life.

2. The piles of books towered around Kei, wobbling a little bit. The candles flickered, making the shadows stand out and flicker while he squinted at the pages, his fingers dragging across the page, searching for even a single sentence where the words “flesh” and “tree” were put together.

3. Kei loathed being in this echoing library in the middle of nowhere, away from all signs of modernity. He set up the candles around the room, their flames flickering, leaning in the gusts of wind that echoed around the room. Hoping that chaos would be on his side, Kei closed his eyes and grabbed a book, flinging it on to the desk so that it fell with a loud clap and the pages randomly fell open. The pile he pulled it from tumbled over, but Kei ignored them, sinking into a chair, leaning forward and sliding his fingers along the text. As he searched for information on the flesh trees, he could hear its sickening groan as it searched for him in the woods miles away…


1. Charlie draws her sword and runs forward, slashing mightily and letting out a grunt as she goes.

2. As the creature lands, the flap of its wings creates a blast of wind that causes Charlie’s golden locks to curl aesthetically around her face. Charlie draws her sword then, pointing it directly at the dragon, and charges forward and cuts the dragon.

3. The dragon’s wings create a blast of wind. As the wind whirls, Charlie is the paragon of her father: her eyes reflect the roiling clouds above, and flickers of lightning glimmer through her hair and curl down her arms. She draws her blade with a mighty SSSSHNING! She charges forward then, her feet moving in a blur, presses her feet into the ground, and leaps, her back arching as she brings the blade overhead. Then, KARACK! thunder rumbles and lightning cracks, silhouetting Charlie as she brings her sword down into the dragons skull.

Stunt Examples

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