Total Experience and Experience Rules

Since everyone is always at the same level in XP…

Total Experience So Far: 13 XP

  • 4/30/15: A door opens in Ramsi’s. +5 XP
  • 5/6/15: Meet Daphne’s dying sister. +2 XP
  • 5/14/15: Underground battle. +6 XP


  • If you buy boons in order, your new boon is priced at the rank the one lower would be.
    • That is, say you have War 1 and War 2. You want to buy War 3, and it’s associated with your divine parent. Normally, rating x 4 means War 3 would be 12xp. Instead, it only costs you 8XP because you go off of War 2.
  • If you buy multiples of a same leveled boon, not only do you do the above (if you’ve bought in Order), but you subtract 1xp.
    • So say you were buying War 2 as above, and there was a second War 2 boon you wanted. Not only do you go 4xp instead of 8xp, since you are buying a second rank 2, you subtract 1xp from that – meaning it costs you 3xp. Swank.

Total Experience and Experience Rules

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