Savannah Nelson


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Savannah Nelson
Player: Chris
Calling: Urban Explorer
Nature: Bravo
Pantheon: Pesedjet
God: Bastet


Physical Social Mental
Strength:3 Charisma:4 Perception:2
Epic:1 Epic:1 Epic:1
Dexterity:3 Manipulation:3 Intelligence:2
Epic:2 Epic: Epic:
Stamina:3 Appearance:4 Wits:2
Epic: Epic: Epic:1


Academics: Crafts: Melee:2
Animal Ken:2 Crafts: Occult:1
Art:2 Crafts: Politics:
Art: Empathy:2 Presence:4
Athletics:4 Fortitude:2 Science:
Awareness:2 Integrity:1 Science:
Brawl:4 Investigation:2 Science:
Command: Larceny:3 Stealth:4
Control: Marksmanship: Survival:2
Control: Medicine:1 Thrown:


Associated Attribute Knack Name Description
Dexterity Cats Grace Ignore trecherous terrain, immune to knockdown
Dexterity Untouchable opponent Double effect of Epic Dex on DV 1L
Charisma Benifit of the Doubt People won’t instantly dismiss whats said 1L
Perception Predatory Focus Hunt people by track or smell Per + Survival
Wits Rabbit Reflexes Double DV against surprise attacks
Strength Holy Bound BOING!


Purview Rank Name Effect
Moon 1 Smoking Mirror Look to the moon to see the surrounding area for Legend in miles. 1L
Moon 2 Tidal Interference Str + Pres _dv for enemies per legend spent. Upto Legend. 1L
Sun 1 Penetrating Glare See past obstructions like smoke, fog, translucent barriers
Sun 2 Divine Radience Create Light, big glow or smaller brighter beams. Can light flammables. 1L


  • Conviction: 2
  • Harmony: 3
  • Order: 1
  • Vengence: 3

Derived Stats

  • Health: 7
  • Soak: 3B, 2L, 0A
  • Armor: 0B, 0L, 0A
  • DDV: 9
  • PDV: 6 (Bashing Only)
  • Join Battle: 4 + 1 Auto
  • Movement: 5
  • Dash: 11
  • Climb: 4
  • Swim: 4
  • Vertical Jump: 16 yards
  • Horizontal Jump: 32 yards
  • Without Food/Sleep: 3 Days
  • Without Water: 1 Day
  • Strenuous Activity: 3 Hours
  • Hold Breath: 2.5 minutes


  • Relics
    • Canopic Jar: (Rank: 2. Prophecy. Summons Mummified Cats.)
    • Menhit’s Claws: (Rank: 3. Sun. Accuracy: 2, Damage 2L, Defense 1, Speed 4. Reduces difficulty on Athletics rolls by 1.)
    • Kohl of Nitocris: (Rank 2. Moon. Nitrocris, a woman pharaoh, was known as the bravest and most beautiful of her time. Wearing the kohl from the jar grants the wearer an automatic +1 success to Appearance OR Integrity rolls for a scene, cannot do both in same scene.)
  • Creatures
    • None.
  • Guides
    • Mummified Cats: (Rank 3. The trio of mummified cats were once sacrificed to Bastet’s temple. Undead and dry with bandages hanging from them, they can speak in ancient egyptian, and sometimes give cryptic messages about the past and future. Otherwise, they know a lot about the Underworld and occult subjects. Uses domesticated cat sheets on pg 331, though add Intelligence 4 and Occult 4.)
  • Followers
    • None.

Other Equipment



  • Total XP Spent: 00
  • Overall Total XP: 13
  • Total XP Remaining: 13

Health and Trackable Things

| | | | | | _ | 7
  • Legend:
  • Willpower:
  • Legend Points:

Savannah Nelson

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